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Social Media Pitfalls

Posted May 16, 2015 | Archive News,Exeter News

social e and eHaving discussed the positives of maintaining a social media presence, we believe it’s important to additionally highlight potential pitfalls which can negatively affect your marketing success.

Social Media is full of intricacies which can be hugely beneficial to you – if you know how to use them. Avoid the following mistakes if you want to make an effective, memorable impact on your social media platform.

  • Forgetting to use hashtags

Think of Twitter as a vast canyon of voices, some of those voices break free from that digital vacuum and find an audience – others don’t. Using a hashtag is imperative in being seen, choose words or messages which will draw attention and help you become a trending topic that people can click on. Speaking about brands, colleagues, services or places? #Hashtag them. This way there’s more chance you’ll be re-tweeted or added into the ‘Top Tweets’ shortlists for that subject. It’s all a game and the loudest tweeter always wins. #twittertips

  • Ignoring comments

In our previous news piece we discussed the importance of engaging with your critics. This bleeds further into all aspects of social media. Has somebody tried to reach out to you on Twitter with an enquiry or question? Don’t put off getting back to them as this only creates a sense of ambivalence between yourself and the customer. Facebook in particular should be ruthlessly maintained as discussion can be rife and unforgiving. Go in head first and be let people know you’re not afraid to get into the thick of discussion.

  • Overselling

We understand that you’re eager to push your new campaign but your fans and followers won’t appreciate being smothered. It’s all well and good to drop information on products and services on social media but you’ll need to ensure that’s not the only thing you’re doing. Nobody likes a round the clock advertiser, least of all one who’s completely out of touch which their audience. Post interesting content about your business – meet the team features, photographs from behind the scenes, local news stories, easy reading lists and features etc. Be a relatable, humane presence and just watch the sales flood in.